Communication Network and Security

Communication Network and Security is one of the major thrust areas in the Department of Computer Technology. The objective of this group is to carry out research in computer network, cyber forensic, internet of things, network security etc., including various other areas of Communication Network and Security. Communication Network and Security are in high demand in real-time applications of today’s era as everything is going digital. Role of cyber security is gaining its popularity in all fields of computer science. The Communication Network and Security research group covers a diverse range of experimental and theoretical research, including Wireless Mesh, Ad Hoc and Sensors Networks, High Speed Networks, Network Architecture and Design, Computer and Network Security, Secure Multimedia Communications and Intrusion Detection Systems. This area contain development of innovative theories and techniques, efficient and scalable mechanisms and protocols, and novel network architectures and services. These techniques enhance the availability, reliability, quality-of-service, mobility, manageability, privacy and security for current and future Internet, emerging wireless, sensor, peer-to-peer systems, Grid systems and applications, large-scale storage networks, networked multimedia systems and applications.

Many faculties in the Department have attended many Short Term Training Programs, Faculty Development Programs, Workshops, Seminars and Expert Lectures in the field of this Communication Network and Security to enhance the knowledge and quality of the research in this group. Department had organized various training program/ workshops for the student in the area of Communication Network and Security for their development.
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