Important Publications in Last Three Years

Manish Hadap, Sanket Latkar, “A Review On Network Monitoring And Issue Acknowledgment”, IJRAR – International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR), Vol .7, Issue 2, June 2020.

Amol Gaikwad, Pankaj Hatwar” Online Voting System Using Blockchain”, Vol .7, Issue 1, February 2020.

S. R. Jain, “A brief Overview of Application Domains and Real-Time Application of Wireless Sensor Networks,” International Journal on Advanced Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJAECE), Vol. 5, Issue 4 ,August 2018

Sachin Jain, Nileshsingh Thakur, “Adaptive and Dynamic Routing Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network,” International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics , PP no. 16, Vol. 118, January 2018
Amol Gaikwad, “Block Chain Voting,” International Conference on Innovation in Engineering, Technology, Science & management (ICI- ETSM-2019) ,Nagpur, 27-28 April 2019

S. R. Jain, Nileshsingh Thakur,“Cluster based adaptive and Dynamic Routing Protocol to enhance the performance of wireless sensor networks,” 3rd International Congress on Information and Communication Technology, London, 27-28 Feb 2018

R. Bhanuse, P. Tambekar,Amol Gaikwad, “Project Management System,” International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Communication, Mechanical and Computing, Vaniyambadi, 28-29 January 2018

S. R. Jain, Nileshsingh Thakur, “Adaptive and Dynamil Routing Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networ
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