Faculty Publications

Important Publications in Last Three Years

Swati G Kale, Dr. Ujwalla Gawande,” A Novel Approach for Detection of Ambiguity for Marathi Sentence and Development of Stemmer” International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol. 29, Issue 5, June 2020.

Rupa A.Fadnavis,” A Review: Approaches and Challenges for Named Entity Recognition for Indian Language Text”, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research(JETIR),Vol. 6, Issue 2, February 2020.

P.G.Jaiswal, M.Galpande,” A Review on Machine Learning Techniques in Various Healthcare Applications”, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR),Vol. 6, Issue 2, February 2020.

Priyanka Jaiswal, “An overview on Statistical Analysis and Inference for Social media using Tablue”, International journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Vol 3, April 2019

R. A. Fadnavis , “Application of genetic algorithm to time series data mining” ,International Journal of Emerging Technologies And Innovative Research, Vol 5, Issue 7 , July 2018

Neha Israni, “Localization of License Plat Number And Character Recognition Based on Embedded System” ,International Journal of Advance Research in Computer and Communication Engineering (IJARCCE), Vol 6,Issue 11, Nov 2017
R. A. Fadnavis, “Application of machine learning for survival analysis- A review,” International Conference On Innovations In Engineering, Technology, Sciences And Management ICI- ETSM2019 , Nagpur ,27-28 April 2019

Shailendra Shende , “Reducation of Candidate set Generation for association Rule –mining using CCT,” International Conference on Innovation in Engineering, Technology, Science & management (ICI- ETSM-2019), Nagpur, 27-28 April 2019
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