Registered PhD Guides
Sr.No.Name of GuideArea of ResearchRegistered Scholars
1Dr. A.S. KhobragadeDigital Image Processing3
2Dr. R.D. ThakareWireless Communication2
3Dr. M.M. MushrifDigital Image Processing1
Registered PhD Scholars
Sr.No.Scholar NameGuide Name/Co-Guide NameArea of ResearchPhD Registered TitleRegistration DateStatus
1Mr. Aniket GokhaleDr. P.K. DakholeDigital Image ProcessingVideo Object Tracking using Frame Histogram and Segmentation21-Mar-2022Ongoing
2Mr. Sandip DesaiDr. M.M. MushrifDigital Image ProcessingBrain MRI Image Analysis for Tumor Detection and its Classification using Machine Learning21-Mar-2022Ongoing
3Ms. Swati MohodDr. R.D. ThakareDigital Image ProcessingAn Identification and classification of images for predictive diagnosis of brain diseases21-Mar-2022Ongoing
PhD Awarded
Sr.NoScholar NameGuide Name/ Co-Guide NameArea of ResearchPhD Registered TitleRegistration DateStatus
1S.M. KakdeDr. A. S. KhobragadeVLSI DesignVLSI Implementation of High-Performance Decoder Architecture for Low Density Parity Check Codes15-Jan-1531-July-2020
2Rupali BalpandeDr. A.S. KhobragadeImage ProcessingParametric Classification of VLSI Analog Multipliers and Application Specific Performance Optimization14-Aug-153-Jan-22
3Shweta DhondseDr. M.M. MushrifImage ProcessingStudies on Electronic Governance Based on WiMax Technology for Development of Rural Region25-Jan-15Notification Awaited
4Chetan S. GodeDr. A. S. KhobragadeImage ProcessingRobust Video Object Detection & Tracking in Cluttered Background5-Jun-1504-Feb-22
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