Major Grants Received

AgencySchemeDepartmentYearName of the CoordinatorAmount Sanctioned (RS. Lacs)
AICTEMODROBSCivil Engineering1999-2000Dr. A. M. Pande, Dr. A.V. Patil5.00
AICTEMODROBSComputer Technology1999-2000T. R. Ravi, M. M. Mushrif5.00
AICTEMODROBSMechanical Engineering2000-2001Dr. S.V. Gawande8.00
DSTDST-FISTElectronics Engineering2005-06Dr. P.T. Karule19.30
AICTEMODROBSElectrical Engineering2008-09Dr. J. Helonde10.00
AICTERPSMechanical Engineering2008-09Dr. A.V. Kale12.00
AICTEMODROBSComputer Technology2009-10Dr. M.M. Kshirsagar10.00
AICTEMODROBSElectronics2010-11Dr. P.K. Dakhole9.82
AICTERPSComputer Technology2010-11Dr. K.R. Singh, Dr. K. K. Bhoyar7.00
AICTEMODROBSInformation Technology2011-12Dr. K. K. Bhoyar, Dr. R.C. Dharmik10.00
AICTEMODROBSElectrical Engineering2011-12Dr. R.M. Moharil Dr. S.G. Kadawane8.10
AICTERPSElectrical Engineering2012-13Dr. S. G. Kadawane12.40
AICTERPSMechanical Engineering2012-13Dr. R.L. Shrivastava4.55
AICTEIIPCYCCE2012-13Mr. Shantanu Kulkarni12.40
AICTEFDPElectronics & Telecommunications2012-13Dr. M.M. Mushrif5.60
AICTENAFETICMechanical Engineering2013-14Dr. Sachin Untawale40.00
AICTEIPSYCCE2013-14Dr. Mrs. Manali Kshirsagar1.50
AICTESGCivil Engineering2013-14Dr. Ajay Gajbhiye3.00
AICTESGElectrical Engineering2013-14Dr. S.G. Kadawane1.00
DSTFISTYCCE2013-14 30.00
DSTSeminarMaths2014-15Dr. Mrs M.P. Gandhi0.75
AICTERPSElectronics & Telecommunications2014-15Dr. M.M. Mushrif4.67
AICTERPSMechanical Engineering2014-15Dr. A.V. Kale16.47
AICTEMODROBSMechanical Engineering2015-16Prof. B.D. Deshmukh16.47
Savin Brains Grant, Canada, Jointly with DMIMS(DU)ET and IT Departments2015-16Dr. M. M. Mushrif, Dr. Kishor Bhoyar30.00
USAID, Harward, Jointly with DMIMS(DU)ET and IT Departments2015-16Dr. M.M.Mushrif, Dr. Y.K.Dubey, Dr. Kishor Bhoyar26.80
AICTESPDPElectronics & Telecommunications2016-17Dr. M. D. Chawhan22.30
SERBSeminar SymposiaCivil Engineering2017-18Dr. S. R. Khandeshwar0.50
MSMESupport for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through IncubatorMechanical Engineering2017-18Dr. S.S. KhedkarAbout 6.25per project
MSMEASPIREMechanical Engineering2017-18Dr. S.S. Khedkar30.00
SERBEmpowerment and Equity Opportunities for Excellence in ScienceElectronics & Telecommunications2018-19Dr. M.D. Chawhan42.66
AICTEMODROBSElectrical Engineering2018-19Dr. R. M. Moharil14.00
AICTEMODROBSElectronics & Telecommunications2018-19Dr. M. M. Mushrif9.50
AICTESTTPElectrical Engineering2018-19Dr. R. M. Moharil1.50
SERBSeminar SymposiaCivil Engineering2018-19Dr. S. R. Khandeshwar0.75
SERBSeminar SymposiaCivil Engineering2018-19Mrs. V. N. Mendhe0.50
AICTEPRERNAElectronics & Telecommunications2019-20Dr. Bharati Masram9.99
AICTEMODROBSElectronics Engineering2019-20Dr. P.T. Karule10.00
AICTEMODROBSCivil Engineering2019-20Dr. S.R. Khandeshwar12.00
AICTESTTPMechanical Engineering2019-20Dr. J.P. Giri3.00
AICTEATAL-FDPInformation Technology2020-21Dr. R.C. Dharmik0.93
AICTEGrant for Organizing Conference (GOC)Electrical Engineering2020-21Dr. S.S. Gokhale0.48
AICTERPSCivil Engineering2020-21Dr. A. V. Patil12.88
AICTESTTPInformation Technology2020-21Dr. Ujwalla Gawande2.85
AICTESTTPMechanical Engineering2020-21Dr. S.S. Chaudhary2.90
AICTESTTPInformation Technology2020-21Dr. R.C. Dharmik2.47
AICTEMODROBElectronics Engineering2020-21Dr. P.T. Karule10
Dr. Pravin Zode
DSTTEDPMechanical Engineering2020-21Dr. S.S. Chaudhary1.6
ATALFDPElectronics Engineering2020-21Dr. A. Khobragade0.93
AICTEYUWAKCivil Engineering2021-22Dr. Madhuri Bhagat2
IEEE Electronics and Telecommunication2021-22Dr. Amoli Belsare and Dr. N. D. Rehpade200$
IEEE Electronics Engineering2021-22Prachi Palsodkar250$
NITFDPInformation Technology2021-22Dr. Ujwalla Gawande1.1
RGSTC Electronics Engineering2021-22Dr. Tejaswini Panse/R.S.Balpande2
AICTESPICESElectronics Engineering2021-22Dr. Prasana Palsodkar/ Dr. Prachi Palsodkar1
AICTE-Impact Lecture SeriesElectronics and Telecommunication2021-22Dr. Yogita Chitriv0.12
SERBSGElectrical Engineering2022-23Dr. Piyush Patil1
AICTEATALElectronics and Telecommunication2022-23Dr. Milind  Mushrif3
AICTE-ATALInformation Technology2022-23Dr. Ujwalla Gawande3
MSME Mechanical Engineering2022-23Devendra Shahare7.99

In-house Funding Received

SNName of CoordinatorDepartmentYearAmount (Lakh)Category (Experimental Set Up or Minor Research)
1.Dr. Y. A. SuryawanshiElectronics EngineeringMarch 20230.12Innovative Experimental Set up
2.M. S. TufailMechanical EngineeringMarch 20230.093Innovative Experimental Set up
3.Charuta S WaghmareCivil EngineeringMarch 20230.15Innovative Experimental Set up
4.Dr. Bharati MasramElectronics and TelecommunicationMarch 20230.216Innovative Experimental Set up
5.Kanchan KambleElectronics and TelecommunicationMarch 20230.07Innovative Experimental Set up
6.Prasad Hatwalne  Mechanical EngineeringMarch 20230.019Innovative Experimental Set up
7.Swati NitnawareElectronics and TelecommunicationMarch 20230.1Innovative Experimental Set up
8.Prof. Prachi Gawande/ Yogesh KaleElectronics EngineeringMarch 20230.17470Innovative Minor Patentable Product
9.Prof. V. B. NiranjaneElectronics and TelecommunicationMarch 20230.15539Innovative Minor Patentable Product
10.Prof. S. A.Desai/ Dr. M. M. Mushrif/Dr. C. S. GodeElectronics and TelecommunicationMarch 20230.27550Innovative Minor Patentable Product
11.Prof. Prasad HatwalneMechanical EngineeringMarch 20230.19500Innovative Minor Patentable Product
12.Prof. M.S.Tufail / Prof.C.A. MahatmeMechanical EngineeringMarch 20230.13900Innovative Minor Patentable Product
13.Prof. Prashant PandeCivil EngineeringMarch 20230.24350Innovative Minor Patentable Product
14.Prof. Vivek JayaleCivil EngineeringMarch 20230.26800Innovative Minor Patentable Product
15.Bharati MasramElectronics and Telecommunication2 May 20220.068Innovative Minor Patentable Product
16.Yogesh KaleElectronics and Telecommunication2 May 20220.1045Innovative Minor Patentable Product
17. Anagha ChoudhariElectronics and Telecommunication2 May 20220.0473Innovative Minor Patentable Product
18. Sarika PatilElectrical Engineering2 May 20220.272Innovative Minor Patentable Product
19. Sarla  AdhauElectrical Engineering2 May 20220.2285Innovative Minor Patentable Product
20. Piyush PatilElectrical Engineering2 May 20220.1205Innovative Minor Patentable Product
21. Abhishek MadankarElectronics and Telecommunication2 May 20220.0156Innovative Minor Patentable Product
22.Amoli  BelsareElectronics and Telecommunication2 May 20220.3Innovative Minor Patentable Product
23.Vipin BondreElectronics and Telecommunication2 May 20220.0573Innovative Minor Patentable Product
24. Minal PatilElectronics and Telecommunication2 May 20220.2015Innovative Minor Patentable Product
25. A. S. KurzekarCivil Engineering2 May 20220.04Innovative Minor Patentable Product
26.B. S. SudameElectrical Engineering2 May 20220.09315Innovative Minor Patentable Product
27.S. S. KewteElectrical Engineering2 May 20220.06124Innovative Minor Patentable Product
28. Megha MendiretlaApplied Chemistry2 May 20220.24336Innovative Minor Patentable Product
29.Vaishali MendheCivil Engineering16 April 20220.05Innovative Experimental Set up
30. Prabhakar DorgeElectronics and Telecommunication16 April 20220.185Innovative Experimental Set up
31. Megha MendirettaApplied Chemistry16 April 20220.2Innovative Experimental Set up
32. Rajesh BhagatCivil Engineering16 April 20220.155Innovative Experimental Set up
33.Pallavi ChakoleCivil Engineering16 April 20220.13Innovative Experimental Set up
34.Pranay Shete/ Prasad JoshiElectrical Engineering16 April 20220.3Innovative Experimental Set up
35.Vijay Khawale/ Atul LilhareMechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering16 April 20220.171Innovative Experimental Set up
36.Devendra ShahareMechanical Engineering16 April 20220.3228Innovative Experimental Set up
37. Pournima PandeApplied Chemistry16 April 20220.16Innovative Experimental Set up
38. Sunil PrayagiMechanical Engineering16 April 20220.11Innovative Experimental Set up
39.Akshay Kadu and Nivedita PadoleElectrical Engineering31 January 20220.09Innovative Minor Patentable Product
40.Harshal NikhadeCivil Engineering31 January 20220.3Innovative Minor Patentable Product
41.Harshal WaradeCivil Engineering26 October 20210.18Innovative Experimental Set up
42. A. A. YadavCivil Engineering16 September 20210.3Innovative Minor Patentable Product
43.Atul Lilhare, Pranay Shete, Sumant KadwaneElectrical Engineering16 September 20210.111Innovative Minor Patentable Product
44.Kuldeep PandeElectronics Engineering16 September 20210.16Innovative Minor Patentable Product
45.Pravin ZodeElectronics Engineering27 August 20210.408Innovative Experimental Set up
46.Atul LilhareElectrical Engineering27 August 20210.117Innovative Experimental Set up
47.Ujwalla GhodeswarElectronics Engineering27 August 20210.1Innovative Experimental Set up
48.Shubhangi RathkanthiwarElectronics Engineering18 April 20220.7677UG PG Project
49.Yogesh SuryawanshiElectronics Engineering18 April 20220.214UG PG Project
50.Rajesh  ThakareElectronics Engineering18 April 20220.4169UG PG Project
51.Prasanna PalsodkarElectronics Engineering18 April 20220.4122UG PG Project
52.Sandeep GaigowalElectrical Engineering18 April 20220.7236UG PG Project
53.Snehal GawandeElectrical Engineering31 March 20221.83UG PG Project
54.Atul lilhareElectrical Engineering31 March 20221.534UG PG Project
55.Sarala AdhauElectrical Engineering31 March 20220.312UG PG Project
56.Swati K MohodElectrical Engineering31 March 20221.3992UG PG Project
57.Bharat SudameElectrical Engineering31 March 20220.4093UG PG Project
58.Shweta TiwariElectrical Engineering31 March 20220.061UG PG Project
59.Rakhi WajgiComputer Technology31 March 20220.4418UG PG Project
60.Nilesh SambheComputer Technology31 March 20220.4615UG PG Project
61.Dr. M.L. KeoteElectronics and TelecommunicationApril 20210.12699UG PG Project
62.Dr. P.D.DorgeElectronics and TelecommunicationApril 20210.10249UG PG Project
63.Mr. C.S. GodeElectronics and TelecommunicationApril 20210.10146UG PG Project
64.Dr. Y. U. Chitriv (Dubey)Electronics and TelecommunicationApril 20210.10812UG PG Project
65.Dr.M.S.DorleElectronics and TelecommunicationApril 20210.05776UG PG Project
66.Dr. N.D. RehpadeElectronics and TelecommunicationApril 20210.03814UG PG Project
67.Mrs. K.P. KambleElectronics and TelecommunicationApril 20210.2036UG PG Project
68.Prof.Y.S.KaleElectronics and TelecommunicationApril 20210.16028UG PG Project
69.Nilesh U. SambheComputer TechnologyApril 20210.08624UG PG Project
70.Lalit B. DamaheComputer TechnologyApril 20210.03552UG PG Project
71.Dr. U. S. GhodeswarElectronics EngineeringApril 20210.03361UG PG Project
72.Dr. P. T. KaruleElectronics EngineeringApril 20210.06596UG PG Project
73.Prof. A. V. GokhaleElectronics EngineeringApril 20210.06189UG PG Project
74.Shete Pranay S.Electrical EngineeringApril 20200.1219UG PG Project
75.Javed ShaikhElectrical EngineeringApril 20200.07215UG PG Project
76.Doifode V. R.Electrical EngineeringApril 20200.01623UG PG Project
77.Khonde RohanElectrical EngineeringApril 20200.01178UG PG Project
78.REWATKAR SHITAL B.Electrical EngineeringApril 20200.02798UG PG Project
79.Sudame Bharat S.Electrical EngineeringApril 20200.11299UG PG Project
80.Moharil R.MElectrical EngineeringApril 20200.02968UG PG Project
81. Dr. S.V. AmbekarCivil EngineeringApril 20200.00571UG PG Project
82.Dr.A.R.GajbhiyeCivil EngineeringApril 20200.0666UG PG Project
83.Dr.A.R.GajbhiyeCivil EngineeringApril 20200.0252UG PG Project
84.MS. Charuta WaghmareCivil EngineeringApril 20200.06546UG PG Project
85.Dr. S.P.RautCivil EngineeringApril 20200.0483UG PG Project
86. Mr. V.N.MendheCivil EngineeringApril 20200.14862UG PG Project
87.Mr. khalid S. AnsariCivil EngineeringApril 20200.09798UG PG Project
88.Mr.H.R NikhadeCivil EngineeringApril 20200.1134UG PG Project
89. Mr.D.G.AgrawalCivil EngineeringApril 20200.0787UG PG Project
90.  Mr. P.K.HingeCivil EngineeringApril 20200.0222UG PG Project
91. Mr. A.A. YadavCivil EngineeringApril 20200.014UG PG Project
92.Mr. S.S. MeshramCivil EngineeringApril 20200.05535UG PG Project
93.Mr. P.B. PandeCivil EngineeringApril 20200.04472UG PG Project
94.M.R. WaghCivil EngineeringApril 20200.11485UG PG Project
95.Rajesh M. BhagatCivil EngineeringApril 20200.11758UG PG Project
96.Mr. S.W. DhengreCivil EngineeringApril 20200.09152UG PG Project
97. Mr. V. D. JayaleCivil EngineeringApril 20200.01947UG PG Project
98. H.R. NikhadeCivil EngineeringApril 20200.15072UG PG Project
99. H.M. WaradeCivil EngineeringApril 20200.03304UG PG Project
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