Registered PhD Guides
Sr.No.Name of GuideArea of ResearchRegistered Scholars
1Dr. P.K. DakholeVLSI2
2Dr. U.S. GhodeswarVLSI0
3Dr. P.P. PalsodkarVLSI0
4Dr. D.B. BhoyarVLSI3
Registered PhD Scholars
Sr.No.  Scholar NameGuide Name/Co-Guide NameArea of ResearchPhD Registered TitleRegistration DateStatus
1Mr. Kuldeep PandeDr. P.T. KaruleVLSI DesignDesign of Floating Point Arithmetic Compuational Units for Non Linear Applications19-Mar-2022Ongoing
2Mrs. Sujata ChiwandeDr. P.K. DakholeVLSI DesignDesign of Reversible Logic Circuits for Optimized Power and Speed Applicaton21-Mar-2022 
PhD Awarded
Sr.No. Scholar Name Guide Name/Co-Guide Name Area of Research Title Registration Date Date of Notification
1 Mrs.P.P. Palsodkar Dr. P.K. Dakhole VLSI Design Study and optimization of high-speed ADC`s 11-Apr-2012 1-Oct-16
2 Manisha Waje Dr. P.K. Dakhole VLSI Design Novel approach to design QCA logic circuit using reversible logic 11-Apr-2012 13-Nov-18
3 Manisha Khorgade Dr. P.K. Dakhole VLSI Design Analysis of Various Scalable and Reconfigurable Processor Architectures and its Application 11-Apr-2012 13-Nov-18
4 Ms. Vaishali Raut Dr. P.K. Dakhole VLSI Design Approaches for the implementation of multi valued logic with hybrid single electronic transistor and CMOS Technology 11-Apr-2012 13-Nov-18
5 Shweta P. Hazare (Gaidhane) Dr. P.K. Dakhole VLSI Design Comparative Study of Multiple Valued Logic & Implementations Of various Quaternary logical arithmetic system for performance optimization 11-Apr-2012 20-Feb-19
6 Ms. Monika Mankar (kalbande) Dr. G.M. Asutkar VLSI Design Analysis, design & VLSI Implementation of Advanced Error Correction Codes 13-Jul-2012 20-Feb-19
7 Ms. Deepti Borkute Dr. P.K. Dakhole VLSI Design Performance Improvement of Memory Structures Using Quaternary LUT for high Speed, Low power Application 11-Apr-2012 21-Sept-19
8 Ms. Ankita Tijare Dr. P.K. Dakhole VLSI Design Parametric Classification of VLSI Analog Multipliers and Application Specific Performance Optimization  13-Jan-2014 25-Aug-21
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